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Welcome to my Christmas blog. If you arrived here from my other blog, Gracenotes For Today then you already know all about my love for cardmaking, home dec items, sewing projects and graphic design.

This site will host anything with a Christmas theme, either NEW or that was previously on the Gracenotes For Today site. Also, to the above list, I will include some of my poems that are perfect for use with cardmaking.

I'm so happy you decided to drop by. Please feel free to comment on anything you see here that inspires you.

~ Grace

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Grace Notes

Grace Notes
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Downloads - Family Tags

Here are some personal tags for you to use on your gifts. Most are for your family members. But let's not forget those other special people who make our lives easier.

A good way to print these off is to create a label file in Word and insert the desired graphic. If there is a family member or name I've missed, let me know and I will add it to the list.

To Download
Click on image. Image will open in a separate window. Right-click to save. Click your "Back" button to return to this page.
Copyright Notice: These graphics may not be altered in any way; may not be redistributed in any form or at any other websites, PSP Groups, Yahoo Groups, MSN Groups and mailing lists. You are free to print them and use them on your own cards and projects. You may not use these graphics on any items that you will sell. Feel free to tell your friends about this site and provide a link to It's All About Christmas.
In order of OLDEST to NEWEST, scroll down for latest entries.

Green embossed
Red - Green
Green glass
Red - Green Crystal
Green embossed

Green Bottle Cap
Gold embossed
Red chunky outlined
Red - green
Red embossed style #1
Mom, Red with hearts
Red - green crystal
Red - green Musical
Sister, Red with hearts
Red - green crystal
Red - green Musical
Sister, fun multi
Red - green Symphony
Nana, red with hearts
Grandma, red with hearts
Red and frosty, Musical
Grandma, red shiny
Grandma, red - green Musical

 Mother-in-Law, red hearts
Mom-in-Law, red green
Mom-in-Law, red outline
Teacher, green music
Teacher, red green symphony
Green maze
Primary, red embossed
Teacher, candy cane
Son, green metal
Son, gold music
Son, red-white-green varsity
Son, red-green Grinch
Red - green crystal
Grandson, candy cane
Grandson, red - green
Grandson, red-green Grinch
Grandson, green blocks
Baby's 1st Christmas, red bows
Baby's 1st Christmas, red and green
Baby's 1st Christmas, trees, blue
Baby's 1st Christmas, blue, stocking
Baby's 1st Christmas, red, stocking
Daughter, gold, old-time font
Daughter, red - white - green
Daughter, multi outline
Daughter, green glass
Daughter, red - green crystal
Daughter with love, azure
Red - gold
Red - Musical
Table Cell

More family gift tag graphics will be added soon.


  1. I would still like to know how you did the sparkly music part of your card but not sure where to look for your answer.

    1. I replied to the question you left me on the Cricut message board.


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